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Social Services

*Dorothy worked with School Board Member Carrie Coyner to have a learning cottage established in Shady Hill Trailer Park.

*Dorothy has worked with David Glass of First Touch Sports and Pat McStay of Chesterfield United to bring soccer to underserved communities.  She worked to convert several unused tennis courts to Futsbol Courts to serve these citizens.

*Dorothy has also worked with police, building, and zoning personnel to bring housing into compliance with health and safety regulations.  Dorothy believes that although not everybody may be able to afford granite countertops, all citizens deserve a clean, safe place to live.

 *Very strong advocate for the disabled.  She worked closely with the CSB Board and Delegate Kirk Cox to open Galloway Place an Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded.

*Played a key role in opening a Crisis Triage Center in October 2013 as a regional partnership between Chesterfield, the Richmond and Chesterfield Police Departments, and Chippenham Hospital.

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