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Community involvement has always been important to Dorothy.  She was involved in community service long before her election to the Board of Supervisors in 2007 and she immersed herself in working on issues of the day.  Representing the Bermuda District she continues to embrace that responsibility to her constituents.  Listed below are some of the issues which Dorothy believes are of interest to the residents of Chesterfield County today and going forward.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility has always been a hot button for Dorothy, even before she first ran for the Board of Supervisors.

Public Safety

Dorothy believes that public safety is a core function of local government.  Our Public Safety Departments are critical to our quality of life in Chesterfield.  Recruiting and retaining highly qualified personnel is essential to maintaining the caliber of these departments.


Dorothy will continue to work with our School Board to fulfill the expectation that students graduating from Chesterfield County Public Schools have the proper language and math skills as well as the work ethic to be successful.

Social Services

Dorothy serves on the Social Services Board.  She and the board have worked with the department to become more engaged in the community and look for community solutions to social problems.  She has worked closely with churches and community groups to support those in need.  Her appointees on the Social Services Board, Pastor Shawn Franco and Tom Crowder, are extensively involved with communities in need.  They are involved in the Cornerstone Revitalization Center, which does extensive work on the Jefferson Davis Corridor.  

Job Creation

Job creation has always been a focus for Dorothy and will continue to be a focal point.  Over $3 billion of investment in economic development has been created in Chesterfield County since she took office.

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